“Pink” is the new “Evil”.

Nathan Bransford posted a question in his blog: who is the evillest villain ever? I couldn’t decide for myself, as characteristically, I have a soft spot for villains (Draco? Smeagol? Vader? They’ve all got their reasons for being evil). So, I decided to peek through the answers and see if I agreed with any of the ones there.

Vincent Kale gave this response, and I wanted to share it, because it made me smile:

“Greatest Villain in Fiction goes to:
Dolores Umbridge, HP:Order of the Phoenix

No one character ever got under my skin more than she did. Sure Voldemort is trying to kill everyone and take over the world, blah, blah, blah.

But Umbridge’s sadism, sense of propriety and the insufferable decor of her office (so much pink!) just made me squirm.

Stephen King agrees, as he “noted the success of any novel is due to a great villain, with Umbridge as the “greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter…”.”

So, even though I remain undecided (Vogons? de Glanville? The Man in Black?) I dare open up the question to you: who is the most terrifying literary villain of all time? Since I am undecided, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to convince me that your favourite villain is the only villain for the job.


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