No smarter than the average bear.

I consider myself a geek.  This is partially because my bedroom is half-library, and also partially because I work for one of the biggest electronic retailers in the world.  As a girl, I find this an immense accomplishment.  And, to my credit, I do have some electronic smarts.  Smarts which I often overestimate.

Today, I decided it would be a good day to impromptu purchase a television for my bedroom.  This is only impromptu in the exact timing – I have, in fact, been saving for such a wondrous toy.  The plan was as follows:  purchase large television for optimal use of Wii, PS2, and laptop.  Solution?  32″ Vizio!  And on sale!  Needless to say, I was feeling rather pleased with myself when I dragged the box-that-is-almost-my-height into my modest bedroom.

Being incredibly excited at the prospect of a new toy, I proceeded to make an impressive mess of my bedroom in order to set up the tele now.  With patient guidance from Bear, I managed to successfully hook up both the PS2 and my computer… leaving only the Wii, for which I had to run out and obtain a composite cable.  After acquiring this elusive cord, the conversation that follows actually took about two hours, but for time purposes, I will compress it.

Me:  TADA!  I have plugged the Wii in!  Now I would like to see magic!
Wii:  Hi.  I am black and white.
Me:  NO! WHY!!!!!! *frantically checks cables and assures that they are in properly*Angry Wii
Wii:  Still black and white! 😀
(an hour later)
Wii:  Black and white! 😀
Me:  FINE!  Clearly something is broken.  I will try you as AV.
Wii:  I haz pretty colors!
Me:  Back to Composite!  😀
Wii:  Black and white! 😀
Me:  😦  I will try the Composite via the PS2…. *plugs into PS2*
PS2:  Ooooh?  What’s this?  Can I eat it?
Me:  NO! *snatches back and plugs back into Wii* *fiddles for another half hour or so*
Internets:  Did you flip the very important switch on the magic cord?
Me:  … No …….. *Does so.  It works*
Internets:  You haz the dumbs.

In short, I am now typing this on a fully functioning TV-that-does-everything-else-too, after much unnecessary toil!  And I am all the happier for it.  Wiring electronics, much like writing a book, can only be truly appreciated after a little time and sweat.


5 thoughts on “No smarter than the average bear.

  1. lol, too funny! Pat yourself on the back for being determined enough to get the job done. I have never considered hooking my laptop up to the TV … and if it was in my bedroom? I’d never get out of bed!

    1. Haha, it does have the potentiality to be a problem, however my laptop has a burnt-out battery which makes it less mobile-friendly than I would like, and it became necessary to remove my desk, so plugging it into the tele seems to be the best solution. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool to see the internet at 32″.

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