Confessions of a Reforming Bookaholic

I used to read a lot more than I do now.

I admit, I’m a little ashamed of this fact – especially when I set my yearly goal at 24 books (didn’t I just buy about 50 books when Borders was closing?  It’s gonna take me two years to read them all!) on Goodreads.  Imagine, if you will, a skinny girl of average height, hair in pigtails, red messenger bag slung over her shoulder, and her nose pressed in a fresh copy of Rebel Stand and somehow managing to weave through the crowd as though there wasn’t one there at all.

For the record, to this day, I can still do that.  I think it’s a superpower.

While I haven’t read Star Wars books since high school (purely out of time restraints and priorities, I assure you), my time spent reading has significantly decreased.  Do y’all like math?  I don’t, but sometimes it amuses me.  Now is one of those times.

If R = reading time and T = television time and S = school time and W = work time….

If S + W > 12hrs., then T > R

If S > 4hrs., then R = 0

In plain English, the more work I have to do in a day, especially intellectual work, then the less reading I want to do and the more I want to focus on being a potato.  I tell myself that Supernatural has plenty of science-fiction elements and mythology – it’s like research!  And Scrubs has plenty of witty dialogue, maybe I can learn from the writers!  The funny thing about that is that I know, even a I tell myself those things, I am just making excuses.

I am the queen of excuses.

The thing I am most ashamed of is those days when I pick up my book,and if I can make myself read it, I like it.  But picking it up is a chore.  Reading should never be a chore.  Each and every world created is a gift from the author, it’s not polite to waste gifts.  Why do we buy the books if we are going to dread reading them?  Even when we like them?  What is society that it has turned us into such creatures that all we want to do is stare at pretty images on a screen and not enlighten ourselves, grow?

Something to know about me is that I am the biggest hypocrite of any advice I give.  It is very easy to say one thing, and do another.  So, in honor of this angry rant expressing disappointment in myself and my inclination to extreme laziness, I am going to post this, turn off the computer, and run a hot bath and read a few chapters of The Clockwork Angel.

What are you going to do that enriches your mind today?


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