Techno-Crash and Burn!

Murphy’s Law states, non-specifically, that if there is ever a time for your internet to go down, it’s late Friday evening on the verge of a holiday weekend.  This means that if you are lucky, support will be able to take care of you sometime on Tuesday.  Which means that the Monday blog you had been planning has suddenly been shot out the window.  It also means that next week you may want to consider pre-writing posts so that doesn’t happen again. Hmm.

Isn’t it funny how much we – both as human beings and writers – depend on our technology to get us through the day?  And,when it suddenly stops working, shazaam!, we’re lost.

I don’t know about y’all, but I need a computer to write. I know that back-in-the-day, writers used typewriters (I have one!) and wrote everything by hand, but by the time I finish “Once upon a time,” my brain has wheeled ahead to “in the forest far beyond the horizon she dreamed of seeing a prince” and I have conveniently forgotten everything in-between.  If I had to do my research by hand, that’s one thing (not a preference, but certainly not impossible, and at any rate, I like libraries)… but I cannot imagine having to write out an entire story by hand.  I know I would certainly say goodbye to NaNoWriMo!  The idea of 50,000 handwritten words makes my wrist hurt… just thinking about it!

What tech do y’all depend on to get you through the day?


One thought on “Techno-Crash and Burn!

  1. Just MINUTES ago I performed a reboot, totally unsure if the “100 Word Song” post I had just whittled down to exactly 100 words – but hadn’t yet saved – would be there when the damned machine came back to life!

    Thankfully it was, as I would have NEVER been able to reconstruct it myself 🙂

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