I Don’t Feel Like Blogging Today….

In honor of my lack of inspired topics, as well as an incredibly busy week, I present a loving parody of Shel Siverstein’s poem, “Sick” (one of my favorites).  You can read the text of the original poem here.


“I cannot post in my blog today,”
Sadly said Miss Writer Day,
“I haven’t done my daily push-ups,
all my fingers have little bumps,
My brain is sad, my skin is dry,
I can only read through one eye,
I’m looking for my missing socks,
My main character is eating rocks,
and now she’s yelling at the queen?
I think she said something obscene…
Oh no, what can I do?
The queen says “To the stocks with you!”
As you can see, my brain is broke
When I try to write, well, I choke!
Some days it seems like I can’t win-
Is a vacation such a sin?
To be honest, I’m feeling drained.
Today’s post is not ordained.
I hope you don’t think I’m a bum,
I really am just feeling dumb.
Maybe I’ve reached my writing peak?
Where art thou, words I seek?
I know I shouldn’t sit and pout,
But I can’t make the right words come out.
I don’t want my post to be late,
Finding a subject would be great!
At the computer, I leer and leer,
My eyes are beginning to weep and tear….
I think I will just give up….
What’s that? What do you say?
I can post a poem today?
Cool beans! That sounds okay!”


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