It’s incredibly difficult to make yourself write when you don’t want to.

Suddenly, everything is super interesting.  Except writing.  For me, I get an insatiable urge to clean or read the news.

These are things I am generally disinclined to do, but the minute writing starts to feel like homework, I am instantaneously inspired to do anything else.

Which I guess in its own way is incredibly productive.  I get things done that I am procrastinating on doing because they are unpleasant, and later in the week I will probably be writing in order to avoid these things.  So it comes around full circle.

When I was in school, I used to avoid paying attention in class by reading under my desk or by writing in one of those spiral bound notebooks you can get at Staples for a quarter during their Back To School specials.  Somehow, my teachers managed never to discourage me from doing these things, partially because I still managed to participate in class more than anyone else, and likely also because if a teacher had to choose between scolding the person texting and the person reading The Amber Spyglass, he prioritized.

When I am not writing a lot, though, I am reading a lot.  I love the written word, no matter who has written it.

And for those time when my eyes get tired, well, I can clean all the things again.


What do you do when the muse just isn’t talking?


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