Did You Learn You’re Grammar? Oops. *Your.

One of my greatest pet peeves about my best friend is that she still struggles with the homophones their/there/they’re.  She and I have come to terms with the fact that she is going to continue to use the incorrect one, and I am going to correct her.  Likely, for the rest of our lives.

This is not to say that I am a grammatical genius.  I am not by any means, but when it comes to spelling, grammar, and mechanics, I do have a sense of proper usage.  Yes, sometimes I make the artistic choice to use fragments.  Sometimes I let a sentence get away from me.  I use that off-limits semi-colon far more often than I should.  But I am not the person who designed this sign.


That’s a special level of fail right there.

At the same time, you have to feel bad for the person who designed that sign.  And the person who approved it.  And the one who printed it.  That had to go through several levels before it ended up in a store, and even then, did nobody call up the source and say, “hey, your grammar sucks?”  Such things make me concerned for the state of our world, currently.  Are they still teaching the mechanics of the English language in schools?  Why are so many people out there missing the basics of their education?

I remember working through a grammar workbook my freshman year of high school, practicing (yet again) the appropriate use of a comma.  The challenge was to insert the comma in its appropriate place.  The sentence provided was:

After eating the kittens go to sleep.

Grammatically, there are two correct places to put a comma in that sentence.  Guess where I put mine?


5 thoughts on “Did You Learn You’re Grammar? Oops. *Your.

  1. One pet peeve of mine is improper use of apostrophes. Remember, folks: no apostrophes for possessive pronouns, and that includes its/it’s!

    And no silly apostrophes to mark plurals of numbers or acronyms. It’s ’80s, the apostrophe there to mark an abbreviation, not 80’s. Gosh, whenever I see someone write 80’s… I cringe a bit.

      1. Personally, I’d count those as “things from that era,” as opposed to “things belonging to that era,” but yes that does make everything more complicated. >_>

    1. Too funny. 🙂 Yes, it’s been six years and I just can’t get past that exercise I posted. I think it falls under the ten funniest things I’ve accidentally stumbled across. 🙂

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