Prompt: Ritual

She sneezed every time the Bearer came near her with the dreaded Fire Flower.  The apotropaic ritual of creating the circle was something new to her.  For all the time she spent with Rasputin, not once did he seek to create the Circle of Protection.  Now, Amy could decide if that was a tribute to his strength, or his foolishness.  But she wouldn’t mind a little less pollen.  Her nose tickled.

They stared at her, every last one of them, each time she sneezed.  It was as though the ritual needed to halt to allow her the mometn for the sneeze.  It made her uncomfortable, and so as the tickle rose in her nose again, she looked up at the round white moon and repeated the word “banana” under her breath.  It seemed a little silly, but it worked.  Most of the time.  It was something her aunt taught her.  At least, that was what she thought.  It was becoming more and more difficult to remember these things.

The petals glowed on the ground as the four elements peeled the flowers apart.  They were like tiny sunsets; a flower which she had never noticed before, when she was fully human.  They were beautiful, but she was obviously very allergic to them.  The tickle overpowered her and she sneezed again.  The sixth sneeze.  The circle broke.

Seize the demon girl, Bathesda hissed through her pointed teeth.  Before Amy had a moment to breathe, a thousand hands were upon her, burrowing in her skin, pushing her towards the open flame.

Amy whispered a brief prayer as all the energy flowed from her veins and she became limp in the hands of the White Fae.


Prompt:  Write a short story in fifteen minutes or less.
Challenge Word: “apotropaic” – intended to ward off evil.
Time to Complete:  8 minutes.
Character/Story:  Amy/Hecate from Sprite (original).


4 thoughts on “Prompt: Ritual

  1. I really liked the story! It nailed the mysterious, obviously magical atmosphere.

    A question, though: Where do you get these writing prompts from? They’re really great and would help me out now that I’m not doing regular writing.

    1. Once upon a time, there was an LJ community called “15 minute ficlets”. It closed a long time ago, but I loved the idea and just reproduce it myself. Basically you open a dictionary and randomly point at a word OR go somewhere like and look at the Word of the Day and give yourself only 15 minutes to write a story. I usually write shorts about my characters from any number of my WIPs, for development. 🙂 Amy (this protag) is for the NaNoNovel I plan to write in June.

      The other place I’ve been pulling prompts from is Write on Edge ( They post several prompts, mostly memoir, but one of them in a fiction one and they linkup for that one Fridays.

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