The Literary Phoenix

Funny, the damage a silly little book can do. Especially in the hands of a silly little girl.

I think that this winter was the winter of inspiration.

I’ve been working in a copy & print shop for over four years now and I do see the odd manuscript from time to time.  Most of the things I’ve seen have been memoirs (note to self: someday, rant about memoirs) but for some reason, last month, I saw three different manuscripts.  All originally came through in the same week.  And one of them?  It’s really getting published*.

There’s a feeling of overwhelming excitement when you see your printed manuscript.

As a writer I love seeing the manuscripts come through the shop.  Granted, even when I skim them, I spend a great deal of time scoffing at them (I’m a bad person) but that doesn’t mean I’m any less happy for the writer.  I’ve finished manuscripts before, and I know how magical it is to finally have that story finished and it a physical form.

I’ve written one manuscript so far this year and I intend to write another in November.  What about y’all finish any manuscripts that you’ll be dropping by a print shop like mine to copy?  Or any other projects?



*By a small indie published, it is my understanding, so it’s not exactly well-advertised.  Too bad.


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