Interwebs, you give me the sads.

I was wasting time on WordPress, just cruising around, and I stumbled upon my stats page.  This is the page, as many of you bloggers are probably aware, that tells us how awesome or invisible we are.  I actually like this page, despite being (evidently) under a pile of Invisibility Cloaks, because it tells me things like where my pageviews are coming from, what’s being looked at, and what’s being looked for.

This week, my blog is getting big hits from the search term “half-blood prince dumbledore dies”.


Firstly, “Dumbledore” is a proper noun and needs a capital letter.

Secondly, wow.  I’m Google’s hit-master for “Dumbledore dies”.  I have achieved my purpose in life.  It couldn’t be “ron and hermione get together” (see Internet! I can do the bad grammar thing! *twitch, twitch*)?

Honestly though, it made me smile.

It interesting to see the tidbits that lead people to stumble on to us.

Also, Harry Potter related LOLcats, despite their grammar fails, make me smile.

That is all.


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