Editing is Hard Work

While I know I am exceptionally, delightfully bad at updating any and all of my blogs, I must confess, my motivation to edit a novel isn’t much better.  I love, love, love tearing apart other peoples’, but mine… it’s harder.  My inclination is to rewrite.  And then my characters get bi-polar and plots get tangled like string and just… ack.

I’m working through Strange at the moment, and I keep telling myself – keep going!  It’s almost at the interesting part!  Whenever I task myself to re-write a story, I get this brilliant idea that something needs to change.  In Fate, I needed to ditch Matheus.  In Strange, I’ve decided that Ariella is too typical of a character for me and she needs to be more… popular.  And bear all the stereotypical popular girl traits.  I’m talking a conglomeration of Mimi from Blue Bloods, Cher from Clueless, and a little Nicole-Kidman’s-standard-character thrown in for spice.  This is not my run-of-the-mill heroine.  It also means she’s from a world I know nothing about.  Now how can I make her this person, and still have her be a complete science geek?  In the world of stereotypes, it doesn’t add up.

Have you ever tried writing a character that’s your polar opposite?  How did it work out?


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