The Dark Tower

I was not one of the lucky ones who saw the leak of the Dark Tower trailer on October 10th.  I am still waiting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the official release and hoping – praying – it does homage to the original series.

It’s a difficult thing, separating book and film.  On one hand, I appreciate the creative team warning us that this film is not going to be the books, but a sequel to them.  It allows expectations to be adapted.  On the other hand… this means we won’t see the Calla, or Susan Delgado (most likely, rumors abound of a TV spinoff if the film is a hit… but honestly who are we kidding?), or possible Eddie or Susannah.  I hate knowing those things, knowing that even if the film is successful, the writers and others involved can do anything they want and all we get is Roland, Walter, Jake, and the Tower.

I’ve been listening to the audiobooks lately and thinking about how I love Eddie’s accent, and Susannah’s spitfire, and how I’m going to miss them in the film.

And Oy.


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