My First OwlCrate: A Night at the Circus


As a proper book blogger, I understand I ought to do a marvelous unboxing.  I should make you ooo and ahhh and ogle my new stash of cool bookish things.  And I want to do that, I really do, but I am far too !!!!! to wait until I have time and proper sunlight to take incredible pictures.

The story:  I want a book subscription box, dammit, so I am trying out OwlCrate, LitBlock, and Uppercase.  OwlCrate came first.  Today.  So exciting.


I love this box.  I love the mystique of the circus theme.  I love Frostbeard candles and am super excited to have another one that smells like caramel corn.  I may eat it instead of light it.  And donut lip balm?  Um, yes.  Forever.  And a little journal that looks like a deck of cards of the outside?! OwlCrate curators, how delightfully tricksy of you to jump right into my heart.

This is not to mention the letter, signed book plate, tote bag, and pin!  And stickies!

But there more.


This book.

I’m trying so hard not to go out and buy books because if I do, I end up with all the books.  And, due to spacial concerns, I actually have to downsize and get rid of the a bookcase.  But getting one in a subscription box?  That’s a gift.

And I’m so freaking excited to read this book.

Okay OwlCrate, you’ve got me hooked.  Continue to impress and mystify me.


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