“The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende


This is a DNF (Did Not Finish) review.  As such, it will not be graded traditionally and not have a star rating.  I’m just going to share my thoughts on the first couple hours of the book and let you know why I decided to put it down.


The Neverending Story

by Michael Ende

Narrated by Gerard Doyle

⊗ DNF ⊗

Series: Standalone
Genres: Fantasy, Classics, Fiction, Young Adult, Children’s
Published By: Tantor Audio in 2012
Original Publication: Thienemanns Verlag in 1979 (Original German Edition; “Die Unendliche Geschichte”)
Format: Audiobook (13 hours, 46 minutes)

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In this classic fantasy novel from author Michael Ende, small and insignificant Bastian Balthazar Bux is nobody’s idea of a hero, least of all his own. Then, through the pages of an ancient, mysterious book, he discovers the enchanted world of Fantastica, and only Bastian himself can save the fairy people who live there.

Shy, awkward Bastian is amazed to discover that he has become a character in the mysterious book he is reading and that he has an important mission to fulfill.


My reasons for quitting this book were pretty simple, and I know it may just explode some heads because THIS BOOK WAS MY CHILDHOOD WHYYYY but I gotta be honest… I think that you need to be in the target age group or have a nostalgic connection to it to love it.  So… my thoughts?

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • Bastian is insufferable.  He’s just sort of whiny and flop and pathetic, and I don’t like him.
  • It’s very clunky.  … I do have to say that in all fairness, my issue with the writing may be with the translation and not the story! … As imaginative as I think Cornelia Funke is, I have difficulty with her books too, and she is also a German > English translation.
  • You know what, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t like Atreyu much either….

Things I Liked:

  • Props to Mr. Edge – it’s an imaginative world in a time where fantasy was less widely published and the way to rescue everything is refreshingly unique.
  • Fantasia is lush and interesting as a magical world.

The Main Reason I Put It Down:

  • This audio recording is terrible.  Gerard Doyle reads the Inheritance Cycle and does a fine job there, but the audio leveling on this particular story is awful.  When Atreyu is speaking with the wise old turtle, I couldn’t hear the turtle at all and Atreyu was so loud.  It was distracting and not worth fighting with over thirteen hours of story.


I borrowed this through Overdrive!  All opinions are my own and completely unsolicited.

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