Vampires are Rapists Apparently – #BookBloggerHop


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**I misread the prompt!  This was supposed to be about REVIEWS specifically… sorry for veering off-topic, everyone!**

Guys, this is sad and embarrassing.  Are you ready?

Today’s question is:

Do you ever go “way back” to when you first started blogging and look at your old posts? Do you see any differences from then to now?

The answer is yes.  I’ve moved The Literary Phoenix back and forth a few times between WordPress and Blogspot, and some entries have dissolved into dust.  In the long ago past, I used it sometimes as a personal outlet.  EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD ME WAS LONELY OKAY GUYS?

I went back to the oldest blog post I have on here, and it was a mistake.

It’s called “Something that stirs the people….”

Immediately, this should be a red flag.  Philosophical title = angst + rambling.  I know I type lots of words still, but MAN.  At least I have a point when I jabber these days!  This post, overall, is a train wreck.  It’s the type of thing I write when I am also watching Back to the Future for the 140th time and decide to devote more time to Doc & Marty than the computer.


Lets dissect this terrible post paragraph by paragraph, shall we?

Acceptance & Musing

I still want to be a writer. I don’t think that urge will ever cease.

Okay, this isn’t too bad yet.  I’m announcing my dreams!  I’m about a year and a half out of high school, and I have one co-written manuscript under my belt (which I still have and frankly, still think is pretty good).  I’m young and spirited and determined!  Go me!

Lessons learned:

  • Strong opening sentences rock!
  • Follow up on them!


Holy Self-Esteem Problems, Batman!

I know that I will never write an arousing novel, the type of work that makes people squirm with excitement, the type of thing that will glue people to the pages. These day, that is more of a challenge than ever. J.K. Rowling did it. Stephanie Meyers did it. I don’t believe I have that sort of sway. I don’t have an original story.

Okay see now it gets sad.  Eighteen-year-old me did this a lot.

ALSO ME:  You’re pathetic.
ME: …but I have ideas….
ALSO ME:  No.  Stop.  Go cry in a corner.
ME: Kay 😦

This was life.  I see the great accomplishments of people and instead of aspiring to be like them, to learn from them, I assumed I could do nothing and sucked.  GRANTED.  This was also the period of my life where my father was supporting me via sending me articles about how literature was dying and there are no original stories left.  PARENTAL SUPPORT IS AWESOME.

(For the record, now he tells me to skip editing and self-publish.  Oh, Dad.  Stop.)

My low self-esteem and imminent vision of doom and failure seeps through my old posts like Sharpie on tissue paper.

Lessons learned:

  • Write with confidence.
  • Love your passions
  • Nobody wants to listen to whiny bloggers.
Adam Sandler does not approve.

Now it Gets Weird.

Isaac said something interesting Tuesday night that I’ve been thinking about. I have read a lot of vampire stuff lately, well, not so much lately, but the last novels I have read have all been vampire novels. There are so many different takes on vampires. Laurell K. Hamilton made vampires into succubi, etc. Terry Pratchett tries to make them sophisticated in his own charming way. Simmons makes them murderers. But what Isaac said lies closest to Anne Rice and, naturally, the founder of vampricism, Bram Stoker. Vampires are mysterious. They are rapists, in a way, but not for the sake of raping, but a need to grow and survive. They love, like humans do, but they cannot express it beyond obsession due to the carnal nature that has bred within them. We cannot understand their motives and thoughts because we live our lives based on emotion, but they are beyond emotion – they are fueled by passion and and obsession.

Okay, so the best theory I have here is that I typed “Stephanie Meyer” and my brain went on a tangent that was something like Writing > Stephanie Meyer > Vampires > Conversation.  BUT WHAT IS HORRIBLE HERE IS THAT I ACCUSED VAMPIRES OF BEING RAPISTS AND NEVER GAVE EXAMPLES OR ANYTHING.  Calling anybody a rapist is serious business and not a thought to casually throw around.  There better be some evidence or don’t say it.

Unfortunately, I also know what happened here.

The aforementioned Isaac, while insightful and intelligent, had NO filter and NO political correctness and NO sense of forethought.  That word, “rapist” was probably straight from his mouth in this case.  If I mentally read that back using phrases like “creatures of lust” the paragraph at least makes sense.  AND IT IS WAY LESS HORRIBLE AND DRAMATIC.

I am seriously unhappy with eighteen-year-old-me.

Lessons learned here (thank goodness):

  • Stay off unrelated tangents.
  • No hyperbole.
  • …Unless you are using it for the powers of good.
  • Don’t listen to Isaac.
  • Be nice to vampires.



Just something I can think about I guess.

Well you should have thought about it before you went accusing the angry undead of horrible things!  I mean, I’ve read enough Anita Blake to know that some vamps could fall into the category, but it’s not nice to stereotype.

Lessons learned:

  • Do not generalize.
  • Don’t use vague sentences to mean “I think I’m done talking about this now”.


Nice Transition.  NOT.

I’ll never be able to write a successful story without a plotline.

Okay, so we’re back on the writing again.  WHICH IS WHERE I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE WHOLE TIME.  The whole vampire thing didn’t need to happen.  Really.  As for plotting – this is still a writing problem for me that I am trying to overcome.  I LIKE WRITING ABOUT CHARACTERS JUST GOING ON POINTLESS ADVENTURES OKAY.

The nature of vampires would have been an okay post on its own.  The struggles of writing the type of story that “stirs the people” could have been another.  And yet, for some reason, I did neither.

Lessons learned:

  • Pick a topic and stick to it.
  • Flesh out the post topic.
  • Delete old posts that have no point.


It’s there to shame me.


Thank goodness I write more interesting blog posts now!

I do, right?

Speak up, my lovelies!

When was the last time you went back and looked at your old posts?  Do you delete the badly written ones?  Have you ever spoken ill of vampires?  Share your secrets, my sweets ❤ .


9 thoughts on “Vampires are Rapists Apparently – #BookBloggerHop

  1. This. Was. Hysterical to read!!! Hahahaha WOOW and I thought little old me was obsessed with vampires and stuff lol. Granted, the only vampire experiences I had when I was first blogging was Twilight and TVD, which aren’t really good comparisons but I still LOVEEE them anyways lol. I also LOVEEE how you realize your mistakes (calling vampires rapists is serious business). You realize the error of your ways and want to do better. That’s amazing!!

    My BBH-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do like to be held accountable for the TERRIBLE decisions I make sometimes. And, frankly, it’s a relief to see that I’ve improved!!!!

      Thanks for stopping in… I’ll check yours out!


  2. This is a great post! And sorry to also veer off topic but, in switching back and forth, do you just rewrite the post and put the original date on it? Because I have switched from Blogger to WordPress and am curious how to keep my content. Is it ok to backdate it?

    Liked by 1 person

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