Burgers & Shakes for Everyone! – OR – Why Food is Such an AWESOME Element of Setting

I read novels to get immersed into awesome worlds.

Okay, so if I really broke it down I would tell you that characters are awesome, plot is essential, love stories are annoying (I’M SORRY GUYS, I WANT MONSTERS NOT KISSING), and can magic please exist?  But the escapism element?  Yeah, that’s why I read in a single element.  Books are way cooler than real life.

For people like me who would rather fly on hippogriffs than sweep the kitchen, having a strong setting that leaves room for the imagination is essential.  In my reading experience, this is best with food.

DISCLAIMER: It is possible that I just really like food and these are all lies.

I’m currently working my way through Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and Rick Riordan has the food-as-setting element NAILED.  There’s a lot of food in this book, and every time it helps set the scene.  For example, in the early chapters, Percy’s mother brings him blue candy.  This represents two things: that she is the only sweet thing in his life (aw) and the blueness is an inside connection between the two of them.  This comes into play later when Percy orders a blue cherry coke.


Food and the aromas of food continue to play a large part in Percy’s experience, shaping his view of the world:

  • The nectar and ambrosia, with their unique, individual flavors, restore the heroes’ health.
  • Dinners at Camp Half-Blood and the offerings to the gods.
  • Medusa lures them with cheeseburgers and shakes.
  • Ares lures them with cheeseburgers and shakes.

Even Grover, a Satyr, eats tin cans all the time… reminding us that he is half-goat.  From all the food the characters are eating, we already learn a few things about the story:

  • Chocolaty smells and flavors are home, happiness, and family.
  • Blue food is Mom.
  • Cheeseburgers and shakes end in swordplay and adventures.

Honestly, at this point, if I were Percy I would take out my sword every time I entered a diner.


Aside from using food to show character relationships and plot progression, from a reader’s standpoint, food is an awesome way of building the scene.  Every time I read about the cheeseburgers and shakes EVEN THOUGH I KNOW TROUBLE’S COMING all I can do is imagine the charred, salty smell of a proper greasy diner burger and honestly, I am starving right now!  Every single reader will imagine a different picture, smell, and touch sensation for food depending on personal preference.  With a couple of easy words, the whole atmosphere has changed.

As a writer, one of my favorite ever scenes was written when my nerdy, innocent, unsocialized protagonist discovered a diner in her hometown and tried a grilled cheese sandwich.  It changed her perspective on life and she was so happy at the diner, it was a blast to write.  As a culture, we gather around meal times and have emotional connections to foods (grandma’s cookies, anyone?).  Good food makes happy people.  It astounds me how many writers seem to forget their characters need to eat!


Some other books where food comes into play:

I could keep going, but I think I’ve proven my point.  Food increases the illusion of the story, moves the plot forward, and makes people happy.


Speak to me, my lovelies!

Is there food in the book you’re currently reading?  How does it play into the story?  Do you feel it enriches your reading experience?  Are you hungry after reading this post?  Tell me all the things. ❤


10 thoughts on “Burgers & Shakes for Everyone! – OR – Why Food is Such an AWESOME Element of Setting

  1. This post is so accurate!! I love food in books!! It’s also great in The Selection… kind of the same as the Hunger Games (speaks a lot about “class” and social standing) but America is OBSESSED and one of her reasons for staying at the castle is the food, something she tells Maxon all the time!

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  2. UM I AM AGREE. Food is probably one of my favorite elements of books! The dangerous side is that it always makes me really hungry hahaha
    When I write I have to be careful to eat, otherwise all the scenes of ever will have food in them haha. But food is so fun to write too!

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    1. The Harry Potter cookbook is pretty good, actually! I also have an unofficial Huger Games one (meh) and Game of Thrones one! There really needs to be more *inspired by* cookbooks. There USED to be a blog, I’ll have to check when I’m not on my phone, that made up recipes based on food in books. Alyson’s Wonderland? Anywho, SHE was wonderful and I may go back and edit the post to include her if I can find it.

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  3. 100% agree with this post! I love reading about food in books! I hate when they (especially fantasy books) don’t mention food – like how do you go on epic adventures etc without food?? The food in The Hunger Games was so interesting, especially the capital feasts! I just finished Simon VS, so oreos were featured loads. 🙂

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