Book Review: “Armada” by Ernest Cline

Generally speaking, I found this book to be rushed and not as original as Cline’s first book. The plot has been done in film and literature before, and there was nothing to add to the story that made it any better than a pre-existing story. If anything, there was an excess of forehead-slapping cliches. I’m not sure what bothers me more – the fact that it was so rushed and cheesy, or the fact I believe it was ridden that way intentionally.

That said, it still was entertaining in its own way and it’s great to see a different kind of science fiction falling into the mainstream. The book started with the slur of excellent references, even if that familiar theme from Ready Player One disappeared about 30% through. With a lot of suspension of disbelief, a reader can still enjoy the book. I would recommend this for those who are not well-read in science-fiction, who are looking for a light introduction to the genre (outside of the ever-popular dystopia). Avid sci-fi readers will be quickly frustrated with the juvenile characters and lazy writing… not to mention the cliches.


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