Review Guide

I have a very structured way of writing reviews from my blog.  On Goodreads, I will give an immediate overview after I have finished the book, but on the blog I break it down into more sections.

Every Review Will Include:

  • Book’s Title
  • Author
  • Narrator (if applicable)
  • Publishing House
  • Publication Year
  • Genres (as defined by Goodreads)
  • Summary
  • Format
  • My Source
  • Reference Links (Goodreads, etc.)
  • Purchase Links (Amazon, etc.)


Instead of reviewing on a graded scale, I attribute my hearts based on how much I enjoyed different aspects of the book. Each category will either earn a heart, or not.

For Fiction:

  • Character
  • World
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Personal Thoughts

For Non-Fiction:

  • Delivery
  • Detail
  • Subject
  • Sources
  • Personal Thoughts

Audiobooks have their narration judged in the “Writing” and “Delivery” categories.


I also like to include other fun tidbits about the books I read in my reviews.  These include:

  • First Sentence
  • Favorite Quotes
  • Alternate Covers
  • Recommendations
  • My Photos

These are not assured in any review, but will come and go as it pleases me.

Please note that reviews pre-dating 2017 may not have as specific a breakdown.