Starlit Sky – #15MF

15 Minute Ficlets is a weekly challenge based on the original 15 Minute Ficlets LiveJournal Community.  Since this community has been defunct since 2013, I’ve decided to resurrect the challenge on my blog as a weekly Sunday writing challenge.  If there’s interest, I’ll turn this into a meme (link up in the comments if you try it!). … More Starlit Sky – #15MF

Spanish Rose

Wide blue eyes, sparkling like the sapphire collar fixed around her neck. Her auburn hair settles o’er her shoulder plaited in a thick braid hanging to her trim waist. Her skin, pale as a winter snow, contrasts long, dark lashes and perfect red lips. And to see her dance, a sprite on the wind! Moving … More Spanish Rose

Book Review: The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

  The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ Series: The Tudors (4) Genres: History, European Literature, British Literature, Historical, Tudor, Romance, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit Published By: Touchstone in 2012 Format: Paperback (562 pages) Goodreads / LibraryThing Three women who share one fate: The Boleyn Inheritance. ANNE OF CLEVES She runs from her tiny country, … More Book Review: The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory